Who is the MAFIA ?

Hey Mafia!!!

Let us first take this opportunity to formally introduce ourselves to you our #1 supporter.  This is the Dream Avenue, a platform for the TMT Music mafia to get close and personal with ya’ll.  We come to the Dream Avenue to share our dreams, ideas, passions and most importantly to share our music with you!!!

Now to formally introduce the mafia team behind TMT Music! We have Jevy Baby who is our rap/hip hop artist and has already worked on 2 mixtapes and I tell you without being biased that his music is off the hook!!!  Then we have L.I who is our producer who produces full tracks (Mixing and Mastering Music) and ofcourse a creator of dope beats!!! We also have Mar-Kay to produce all those soulful jams for the lovers out there.  Then we have Boss Lady who is …well she’s the one that is determined to run the boyz lives and keep them on track hence the name!

Now back to TMT Music and the Dream Avenue, well the plan is to keep you updated on everything we do, through blog posts, pics and even videos baby!  You are our mafia (family) so we do this for the love of music and you all.  This way you can get all the 411 that goes on and we can catch up and get feedback from ya’ll! #Bless The Social Network Generation!!!


#TMT Mafia


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One thought on “Who is the MAFIA ?

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