Jevy Baby


Jevy “Jevy Baby a.k.a “Breyten Rooiland” is a South African artist. Born on 5th May 1989 in a small town called Postmasburg but grew up in Johannesburg where he discovered his love for poetry and music which led to him falling in love with the art of rap music.

Music has been playing a huge part in his life for as long as he can remember, not always good and surely not bad as well. He was influenced by gospel music at a very young age, even though he never joined the church choir he was always amused and interested in the instruments and how the musicians would play them. His father is a music lover himself and that love rubbed off on him no doubt, as some of his favorite artist include legends like Luther Vandross, Lionel Richie, The O’Jays and The Spinners.

From taking poetry, to creating a beat and his passion for music, the Rap music came along naturally for Jevy. Some would call him a poet for his love of poetry and rhyming words, a love that is paying off well for him as a rap artist. The start of High School is where he found his love for doing poetry over music, something he never thought he would do, but listening to artist like Slick Rick, BIggie Smalls, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Common and Jay-Z soon had “Java” as known back then dropping lines with friends that would make him realize that he is pretty good at rhyming.

The name Java was given to him for his dislike in coffee, the name evolved and eventually everyone knew him as Jevy. A name which he had alot of fun with, “it’s Jevy don’t forget the double baby” is something you might hear him say in his music.

Finished school in 2006 and went to Cape Town to further his studies at the University of the Western Cape( where he finished a Bcom Law degree in 2009 and currently completing his LLB degree), while in Cape Town he met Lucian “L.I.” Isaacs at a studio session at the Damelin studios in Cape Town, which soon led to the formation of TMT Music and TMTMafia, those who have been following the progress of Jevy and his family as he puts it, will know the difference between the two.

Jevy Baby has already graced the rap game with a number of mixtapes, such as “Bedroom Hustle” and his “Freestyles” series of tapes, which included tracks like “gangsta chick”,”Mooning Light” and “I got that” which already received airplay on stations such as (YFm, Top93.6fm, Bush fm, UCT radio….). Since his introduction online he has maintained his position in the TOP TEN local artist on Reverbnation for his genre, with his track “I got that”, maintained the top spot for 5 weeks straight when he introduced the tack online.

And now we are all witnessing this TMT empire take off. Making music and being involved in their communities Jevy and L.I. keep on giving us good music through their mutual love for music, and with that same passion and love, they try to uplift communities around the country. The friends turned into brothers and as Jevy would put it “Mafia Dons”.

Favorite Jevy Tracks

Jevy – Mooning light (feat Supa Sounds)

Jevy – Door

Jevy – Live for the Moment (feat Mar-Kay)

Jevy – So high

Jevy – Helluva night

Jevy – Gangsta Chick (feat Gailon)

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4 thoughts on “Jevy Baby

  1. Anonymous

    Wow dont stop South africa and the rest of the Globe need to know! Congrats Banns McCain like it lol!

  2. Anthony haai

    congrats bra. well done

    • Just curious, where did you get the ipnrisation for the butterfly? Or did you pick up the butterfly outline drawing somewhere and incorporated it to your butterfly design? I love it so much I wanna learn how to do it! ^^ Does it come with the recipe btw?

  3. Ruth

    Keep up the good work..strongs with everything.mwa

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